Failed IVF - What should I do?

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Re: Failed IVF - What should I do?

Post by diana001 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:28 am

Hi Stacygerhart36 ,

I'm sorry to hear about your failed IVF. But donor eggs are such a blessing! I am now preg (11w5d) with donor eggs. I've had multiple failed IUI's and IVFs.
From my side,there are some non-profit public organization like Happy Family(Surrogacy) and IVF consultant reproductive technologies, medical, legal, ethical and psychological aspects. I hope that helps you somewhat. This board is full of great gals that are very supportive and helpful!


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Re: Failed IVF - What should I do?

Post by Zarah » Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:51 am

stacygerhart36 wrote:My husband and I have undergone 6 IVF treatments and all of them have been unsuccessful. We have even used frozen embryos the last time around. My husband’s sperm quality is ok but I have blocked tubes. What should we do now? A fertility agency has suggested one of the following options – Continue with own egg and sperm, IVF with donor egg and/or sperm, surrogacy with donor or own eggs. Please help.

I am sorry you suffered from all this. I understand the feeling of not having a baby after so many tries. It's very devastating. I have gone through from all this. So, I better understand your situation. I myself underwent IVF but with my own egg and my DH's sperm. It was a very tough journey. But all thanks to BiotexCom, with the help of which a get pregnant and now enjoying parenthood. Before my treatment a search a lot and gone through many studies and clinics. I suggest you to first choose an authentic and trustworthy clinic. They will suggest you what is best for you according to your health condition. Don't be confused and don't lose hope. Best of Luck for your future. Hope you will get a chance to enjoy the feeling of being a mother.

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Re: Failed IVF - What should I do?

Post by Sia » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:13 pm

Hii dear,
I am feeling bad for that you had failed IVF.I can understand how it feels when we hope for something but nothing happens.But don't lose hope, If your doctor had suggested getting the IVF with donor eggs or donor sperm I think you should go for it because on the basis of results of checkup or health treatment a doctor can be suggested you to get this treatment.So you should give yourself one more try.Take care yourself and don't get disappointed in case of failure. Everything will be fine. Good Luck.

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