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IVF Virgin Help

Postby benni » Sat Jul 31, 2004 10:29 pm

Hi All
My husband and I are enbarking on the IVF road, and we are very nervous, i have only one ovary and endermetriosis he has low amount of normal sperm. I am desperately trying to change our diet and lifestyle to see if this helps i am ovulating each month (even with one ovary). The pressure is killing our lovelife and i feel very sad and lonley. any help would be gratley appreciated out first IVF appiontment is not until October 2004 . :cry:
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Postby Sand » Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:58 am

Hi there Benni

I've just seen your post, as I don't usually look on this board (nor do a lot of the other girls). You'd get a much better response if you posted on the General board... why don't you re-post your post over there ..?

With IVF much of the process is out of our hands, but I think the more in control you can feel, the less pressure ... so that means making sure you've done everything possible to enhance your chances before starting treatment (which you've looked at ... with your diet, lifestyle etc), making sure you know what to expect when the treatment begins, how you can help yourself at that stage, what to expect later in the cycle etc ... I would suggest buying a book by Zita West called "Fertility & Conception" which has answers to so many questions, and tips that you'd never even have thought of ! .... this will give you a better understanding of the whole process, and I think you'll then start to feel a little less stressed.

I know October seems a long time away, but you've got to use these few weeks to make sure your bodies are at their optimum for treatment.

The girls on these boards are probably the best stress busters .. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, you can just come on here and let it all out. There'll always be someone who can empathise.

You take care, and talk to you again on the General forum :)

Sandra x
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