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IVF catheter lost our embryos

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IVF catheter lost our embryos

Postby jennylock » Sat Jul 31, 2004 10:54 pm

I wanted to know if anyone has experienced or ever even heard of this. I went in for my transfer today and had 2 beautiful embryos to transfer. The doctor even told us that 1 was a boy and 1 was a girl. We only had 4 total embryos but these 2 looked the best--the other 2 still growing. When my doctor starts the transfer, the embryos are placed in the catheter. She had difficulty with the soft tip of the flexible catheter and it bent back on itself in my cervix. She pulled it out to try a more rigid catheter and when the embryologist looked for the embryos in the 1st catheter--they were gone. The doctor said that we lost them--"technical difficulties" and that the chances of this happening are 1/100. Of course, I am devistated. The doctor then decides to transfer the remaining 2 although they are not as advanced as the first two. I know we still have a chance but the chance we had is already cut in half before we leave the procedure room.

Please if anyone has ever heard of this please share. I know that sometimes things just happen but I am somewhat angry with the doctor and wonder if it could be a result of carelessness.
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Postby Paige » Tue Aug 03, 2004 7:48 pm


My Dr. had a very difficult time threading the catheter tube into my retroverted uterus. I fact...when he got through the cervix he had to do a 90 degree turn into the uterus. It took him an entire hour to get it. I guess I'm telling you this because, he had the embryologist put the embies back into the storage area until he knew he had the catheter perfect. Then he loaded the embryos when he knew the catheter was ready for them. Not to be negative, but I'd have an issue with your Dr.

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