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Pay only if IVF therapy is successful !!

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Pay only if IVF therapy is successful !!

Postby mariadera » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:55 am


With the approaching opening date of a new INVICTA centre, is an opportunity to present to you a promotional "NO RISK IN VITRO" program.
We know that a number of couples give up infertility treatment because of anxiety for high costs combined with lack of guarantee for a therapy success. Program "NO RISK IN VITRO" allows fulfilling your dreams without financial risk in case the therapy is unsuccessful. You shall pay for an "in vitro" treatment only if therapy is successful - that is when pregnancy is ascertained.

In INVICTA clinic 40% to 60% of couples entering the extra-somatic fertilization therapy receives a longed-for pregnancy. Only the best infertility treatment centres in the world enjoy as high efficiency rate.

We begin the "NO RISK IN VITRO" program on June 1st, 2004. Promotion shall last until the end of December 2004.

"NO RISK IN VITRO" program is directed to women of up to 36 years of age (in certain cases up to 38 years), with which the FSH level determined in blood serum in 1-3 days of the cycle is within the normal range, and in man's semen live sperm cells are present.

If you match the criteria mentioned above you are welcome to a qualifying visit for the "NO RISK IN VITRO" program in our clinic. In case you do not qualify for the program you will not pay costs of the visit.
Each qualification to "NO RISK IN VITRO" program refers to one treatment program only. In case of positive qualification to the program that ends unsuccessfully the possibility for a next attempt depends on repeated qualification by an attending physician.

When you should consider participation in "NO RISK IN VITRO" program:


You are a woman 36 years old or younger.
However, age does not exclude the possibility of participation in the Program. Women older than 36 years may also be qualified for the Program, however only upon consultation with a physician - assistant professor, doctor of medicine Krzysztof Lukaszuk in INVICTA.
Your FSH level, recently determined in 1-3 day of the cycle by any given laboratory, is normal.
Examination of your partner's semen, by any given laboratory, ascertained presence of live sperm cells
You want to pay for successful treatment only, if IN VITRO program ends with ascertainment of pregnancy.
You do not want to bear costs of unsuccessful INVITRO programs.
If you can answer positively YES to all four above "questions" take a look further.

If you answer NO to any one from the above questions you can always participate in a regular IN VITRO program. You are invited!

If you decide to participate in "NO RISK IN VITRO" program

When you decide to participate in "NO RISK IN VITRO" PROGRAM you shall bear following costs:

In case you are qualified for the PROGRAM after performing tests in INVICTA's laboratory and a qualifying visit with a physician:
Cost of examination the FSH level and semen examination, i.e. about € 50 in total
Cost of laboratory tests ordered during the qualifying visit, i.e. maximum € 115
Cost of all medications applied during the PROGRAM, i.e. € 120-400
Cost of the PROGRAM in amount of € 1920 but only when it ends successfully, i.e. with ascertainment of pregnancy
Cost of verification tests (ascertaining pregnancy) after the end of PROGRAM - about € 50
Cost of freezing egg cells, embryos and their storage according to INVICTA's price list at the time
Stay in Tri-city (Trójmiasto)

Your stay in Tri-city is limited to a one single-day visit (qualifying visit) and a 6-11 day stay in Gdansk. Date of this stay will be determined during your first visit together with the attending physician.
Qualifying visit requires planning of the day in Tri-city. In the morning you should report to INVICTA's registration office in order to perform required laboratory tests and obtain a questionnaire for the history of infertility treatment. Qualifying visits take place during afternoon hours; therefore in the meantime you shall have time for sightseeing the Old Town in Gdansk, beautiful embankment, health resort virtues of Sopot and recreational advantages of Gdynia. During this time you can also fill out the questionnaire.
INVICTA can assist you with information on hotel dwellings in Tri-city (telephone to secretariat: +48 58 76 314 76, internet site - see hotel's list
Questions and doubts

You can address all questions regarding the PROGRAM to doctor Wojciech Śliwinski telephone: +48 58 602466270 or doctor Joanna Liss telephone: +48 58 600430808 and to e-mail address:invitro@invicta.pl
www.invicta.pl :D
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Postby ogr1 » Wed Aug 18, 2004 1:20 pm

welcom and thank you for sharing. i copied this and posted this on the general forum.
not to many people come on this part.
some sneak here for fum to bost up the numbers of posting.

good luck and may your dreams come true
go to the other board :!:
we werent blessed with our babies to raise here but we our blessed with our grandaughter
and all of our many adopted and foster children that touch our lives
and i am glad to add that our 6th grandchild will be born this spring!!!!
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