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Transfer Update

Postby PandorasMagic » Sun Dec 19, 2004 12:47 am

Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in before going back to bed to
give you all an update. Once again they transfered 5 embies, except
this time they were a bit better quality. Not sure the grade but
ther were all 4 cell. There was a bit of disagreement this time
between the RE and the embryologist whether to transfer 5 or not but
after reviewing the last cycle again the "embieologist" agreed it
best to transfer 5. I'm hoping this time at least one of these
little guys'll stick. I'm on strict bedrest, which kinda sucks. My
first Beta is supposed to be on the 23rd and then another one prob.
on the 27th to compare the hcg levels. So my 2ww is actually only
going to be 1.5ww woohoo lol!!
Anyway thanks everyone for giving me someplace to come and chat. I
have to go back to bed for now so I'll be back on soon.

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