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Just accepted into IVF program

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Just accepted into IVF program

Postby Kym » Wed Jun 08, 2005 3:33 am

I am soooooooo new at this (like brand new). I've been browsing the site and I admire how you ladies stick together and give such good information and support to one another. I have finished all of my testing and about to start my BC pill. The biggest of the treatment hasn't started and I'm either excited or just plain looney :P . This will be my first try ever! Oh My Gosh!!. I have heard PLENTY of stories of taking a certain herb to help your eggs right down to bed rest with both legs slightly elevated on a pillow for two-three days after FET. I know that the end result of a positive test is nothing more than a blessing, but are the any methods to improve the chances of successful implantation?

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Postby LittleP » Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:18 am

Hi there Kym and welcome.

There's a thread on the General Forum called Do's and Don'ts, which is full of advice for all ladies during the 2ww - hoping to help with implantation, etc.

There's a book by Zita West called Fertility and Conception which comes highly recommended by loads of girls on this forum. It is certainly full of really helpful guidance for women trying to conceive and gives loads of ideas to do with diets and lifestyle - it may help you.

If you post your question on the General Forum as well I am sure that more girls will see it and hence you will get loads of answers.

I wish you loads and loads of luck and success

Little P
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Postby Sand » Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:41 pm

Hi Kym ... Just a quick welcome to the Site ... Glad you found us ! You must certainly read the book that LP's recommended - it really is full of great tips and info that will help you understand your body and the assisted conception process.

You know, you can be both excited AND a loony :lol: There's many of us here !!

Good luck with your cycle and hope to see you post on the General Forum.

Sandra x
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