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To Smita and other forum friends.

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To Smita and other forum friends.

Postby roopal75 » Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:25 pm

Hi smita and other forum friends,

I have been trying to have a baby for 4 yrs now .I would appreciate if you could recommend some infertility clinics in Bangalore or Hyderabad.I am sure you have done quite a bit of research.I just started gathering information on IVF and any kind of inputs regarding this will be very helpful

Thank you.
God bless us all.
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Postby Smita » Thu Oct 06, 2005 3:18 am

Hi Roopal,
Good Luck with tmt.
where are you based?Just curious..

I'm in Bangalore with Gunsheela Nursing home.. supposed to be the best here..
I had to have a Lap before they started tmt with me and I'm very happy with them..
Theres suppsed to be another hosp in Banglore which is supposed to be good, but I have no personal experience abt it- its called BARC I think- or rather its run by a Dr called Kamini Rao, but its far from where I Live so I didn't consider it.. My mom went there to enquire before I started though and she said it seemed ok, though Dr kamini Rao was usually never in town- attending conferences world over i blv....

In Hyderabad, in Vishakapatnam, theres a clinic called Krishna IVF who has a very good reputation.. one of my friends had her ivf there 2 yrs back and got pregant..unfortunately, she miscarried in her 5th month, but then, 2 other friends have gone on to have babies there thru ivf..
I'm based in Bangalore(parents live here)so banglore was my only option in terms of convenience..
hope this helps..

ask away..
as far as IUI and IVf go, India is really good for tmt.. I would recommend it to anyone..Good luck..

me-32, dh 40
ttc 4+ years
4 failed IUI's
1st ICSI +ve 17/6/05:)
Baby girl Dhruvaa born on 14/02/06
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Postby roopal75 » Fri Oct 07, 2005 2:42 am

Thankyou for the detailed message Smita,
It really does help people like me living abroad(US) to seek the right RE.
My parents live in Hyderabad and my In- laws in Banglore,so these two would be obvious first choices.
I will catch up with you later again.
keep us posted.
God bless you.and the baby
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