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Looking for Options

Postby GY » Thu Oct 20, 2005 5:50 pm

My wife (36 yeras old) and I have suffered through 6 first trimester miscarriages and we've had pretty much every test avaiable in Canada and the U.S. done, none of which have provided any answers. We've also gone through 2 medicated IUI cycles neither of which were successful. It has been suggested to us that we try IVF with PGD which may shed some light on our situation, but given the high financial and emotional costs involved, we're wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, or any feedback/advice for us? :?:
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Postby olina » Fri Oct 21, 2005 6:52 pm

hi GY,
I'm so sorry about your miscarriages....I also had 2 of them at 9 and 13 weeks. The first one I still don't know the cause and the 2nd. one it was an unbalanced 21 trisomy.
Anyway, after the 2nd consecutive miscarriage, my Dr ordered the embryo genetic profile and ours. Ours was normal, but the embyo wasn't.
He also tested me for thrombophilia ( clot disorder), which I turned out to have, and now I know that I'm homozygote for MTHFR mutation C677T. I was lucky to be diagnosed with that now, 'cause with treatment, not only I can prevent future miscarriages due to a clot,but also might save me from stokes,pulmonary embolia,etc. the treatment is very easy only baby aspirin and folgard ( folic acid and vitamin b12 and b6)
He also tested me for an immune profile , which I was negative.
After all that we did 2 IVF cycles which turned out to be both BFN and by the end of the last one my Re noticed that I also had a Hydrosalpinx in my left tube cause by an ectopic pregnancy that I had 4 years ago, and that might have been the cause of the BFN and/or the miscarrages, so we decided to have surgery and get rid of the tube ( I still have the other one which is ok)
Anyway, that was my storry so far....
In your case, I don't know how far your Dr studied you, what he ordered or not. But I would really look into the immune studies,trombophilia,do an HSG (histerosalpingography to check your tubes and uterus, to see if the tubes are open and to check for fibroids in the uterus.), Genetic profile of you two, etc.
Why don't you check in this other forum which is in the USA:
www.fertilethoughs.com ( go to immune issues and look for a woman called Lauren2005, she really knows about immune issues, and post there and in general forum) That forum actually is ECELLENT. You're gonna get some anwers there I'm sure about it.
Good luck and stay in touch.
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2001 ectopic pregnancy --unilateral hydrosalpinx developed after that.
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Right tube is OK!!!!!!!
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