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My 2nd IVF Cycle (high FSH)

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My 2nd IVF Cycle (high FSH)

Postby luby » Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:15 pm

Hi there

I am new to this site, I am 25 yrs old and I am currently going through my second try of ivf. I first went through this in June 05, I responded very well to the stim drugs, I got 14 follies in total, I got 10 eggs, 6 fertilized, 2 were implanted back into me but unfortunately non were good enough for freezing, I got a positive result, but unfortunately I miscarried at 3 weeks.

When I went through my first cycle, my FSH level was 13.5, the doctors didn't think I would even get any eggs but look how well I did, I even got pregnant but sadly miscarried. I had my blood checked again this time and sadly my FSH has shot right up to 23.7, the doctor did not want to carry on with the treatment, but because I am funding this myself, I new I had to do it because I might not get another chance, and I new they only wanted to stop doing it because at the end of the day, with the NHS it all boils down to money, they wouldn't let an NHS patient carry on with this cycle, I am on day 8 of stim drugs and have just been for a scan this morning, I have got 8 follies, 5 on my right and 3 on left. I am sooooo happy as thought maybe the dr might have been right and I wouldn't have any, but I have, I will have another scan tomorrow, then will probably have EC on Friday or Saturday.

I have been told that I am Pre-Menopausal, with an FSH level at what it is, but I will not give up, the doctors have been talking to me about doing Egg Donation if this cycle doesn't work, but they didn't think I would get as far as I have, they also didn't think I would do as well as I did last time so I'm a bit skeptical now. Egg Donation is a wonderful thing and yes if I have to one day then I will most definitely go down that road, but I will not give up trying from my own eggs as long as they will allow me to.

Anyway I just thought I would share my experience with others, and wish everybody who is going through IVF all the luck in the world.

p.s. Has anyone else done well with high FSH.

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Postby Jeni Babes » Tue Nov 01, 2005 8:35 pm


I answered another of your posts on the General Forum (high FSH /poor reposnders...)
Again, i just want to say...thanks for posting...You have given me HOPE!

Jeni Babes

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