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RE: Help....

Postby Bella3 » Wed Jan 04, 2006 4:38 pm

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this...

I just completed my 1st IVF cycle that resulted in an inviable pregnancy. I am just about 5 weeks along and my HCG's are not doubling. My RE thinks it might be an ectopic. Both of my tubes are blocked and that's why IVF was our option. I just suffered a tubal rupture this Aug. and was told IVF would be the best and only decision for DH and I. Now I might be in the same situation.

I thought I was bypassing my problem!

Has anyone had slow to rise HCG's that was a m/c and not ectopic? As awful and gut wrenching as it sounds...I hope it's just a m/c. :(
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