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Hi I am new to the board and soon starting 2nd ivf

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Hi I am new to the board and soon starting 2nd ivf

Postby JESS FITZ » Tue Jan 10, 2006 10:47 pm

Hi I am new to the board and i need some advice on going through 2nd IVF the first didnt work out so well and i'm very nervous to go through all this again with no luck. The first one was going so good and i did in fact test positve for the pregnancy test after but then when i went back for more blood work 3 days later the preg. hormone level had dropped. Has anyone been through that? My hubby and I went through all of it not knowing much about it I wish I would of found this board before the first time. Can anyone give me advice on going for the 2nd time
Thanks, Jesswww
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Postby Smita » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:31 am

Hi Jess,
Welcome on here.. You'll find the boards are a GREAT help..
Come and join the threads on the general forum, where lots of ladies post, so you can get extra support when you are going thru treatment- When are you cycling? This month or next?
As far as advice goes, I can rattle off the standard ones like eat healthy and try not to stress?(thats a tough one!!)
The fact that you tested positive on your first go shows that your body is ready to conceive, you just need some more luck- which I'm sending your way!

Theres an abbreviations thread on the top of the general forum which'll help you understand the lingo and also a dos and donts thread on how to cope in the 2week wait period..

Take care, Good Luck and see you on the general forum!

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Postby JESS FITZ » Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:05 pm

Thank you! And I will join the general forum for more support.
I am seeing the Dr. on Friday and We are shooting for February but, if not it will be March because we are going on vacation to Las Vegas in early Feb. so it depends on that because I'm sure I wouldnt be able to fly and wouldnt want to risk it either. I feel maybe I can relax get all the stress out on vacation and come home and start it all up again.
Thanks again and I look foward to chatting with you again!
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Postby Sita » Wed Jan 11, 2006 11:56 pm

Hi Jess,

I think both of us are in the same boat. I also had my 1st IVF in July 2005 and hoping to do my second round in Feb / March 2006. I did not test positive though the first time. I lost my father end of Dec 2004 and had a rough year in 2005 along with a failed IVF. I just felt that I needed a break from it all. We are off on a holiday to Australia for 3 weeks. My DH and I planned to go on holiday mainly because we wanted to have a break and then feel fresh for a new cycle.

I am also nervous but am so glad that I joined this site. I can share my ups and downs with the girls and they are so supportive. This site is great !!

Lets keep in touch. It looks like both of us will be starting our 2nd cycle in Feb / Mar 06, after a nice holiday.

Lets hope we have good luck !! I am sure we can succeed !

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Postby JESS FITZ » Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:01 am

Thank you for responding. Yes, We will have to keep in touch since we will be going through it all around the same time. I go tom. to see the Doctor and see what he says about starting the 2nd IVF. Well you and your DH have a great time on vacation! Keep in touch when you get back and let me know when you start. My guess is I will be some where around March 5th to start meds. So sorry to hear about your Dad and your failed IVF. Better Luck for you in "06"
Take care! And Talk to you soon! Jess

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Postby tg » Mon Jan 16, 2006 8:54 pm

Hi Sita and Jess,
I'm in a similar situation and really glad you girls are in the same boat - its great to have some friends.
We had our first round of ICSI last May, had a positive test and then some bleeding and my hormone level dropped. We had a negative after FET in September. We decided to have a few months off and enjoy life after the failed FET as we were so drained, any way now we are planning another ICSI in March, probably starting growing the eggs on March 8th if all goes well til then. I'm really nervous too and trying to stay positive about it although it is so much harder to this time. Planning a puppy for about the same time to keep us distracted!
Hope you have a fantastic holiday too and looking forward to keeping in touch throughout the cycle.
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Postby souris » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:40 am

Hi guys,

2nd cycle for me too.
last one was in April, 3 embies trandfered, none survived... big shock
I am now starting my 2nd and last round (start injection in 2 days!!)
We are going with ICSI and we are gonna use the last sperm sample...
So I really feel the pressure! great, that's all i needed!!

Hope it will all work out for you

lots of love
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