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Doctor not impressed with my response to 450 Follistim/day.

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Doctor not impressed with my response to 450 Follistim/day.

Postby ally01 » Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:49 pm


I started one session with 225 Follistim in order to do an artificial insemination. I had 5 follicles but as time progressed, one dominated and the others weren't maturing. My hubbie and I decided to abandon the process and just try the natural way. Nothing happened.

Now, I'm 10 days into a 450/day of Follistim and I only produced 4 follicles. The doctor says this is a real disappointment and that b/c I'm on "a lot of medication" there's only one more protocal to try at 600/day. We may or may not try artificial with this cycle but if that doesn't work, we're on the fence as to what to do next.

Doctor says that my low numbers are an indicator of poor egg quality compared to a woman who would have produced more like 10+ follicles. Although next time they can increase my dosage, history suggests that I'm not going to produce a lot of eggs and research suggests that my chances of success are lower than the already low 40%.

Should we just charge ahead with egg donor or use more of this monopoly money and try for "our" babY?
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Postby Dizzie » Wed Jan 18, 2006 7:18 pm


I know how disappointed you're feeling right now as I was also a poor responder to my stimulating drugs. I was on Puregon. They doubled my dose for an extra 10 days and my follicles did grow, but they only managed to retreive 4 eggs in the end. I was told that with my FSH count they thought I was going to over-stimulate with the lowest dose, but I guess you never can tell with this IVF business. I was never at any time told that poor response means the egg quality isn't good. All four of my eggs fertilised and we got a positive result, so hang on in there and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Sorry my experience isn't quite the same as your's, but it did work out for us (so far) so hang in there. I'm sure everything will work out for you in the end, however you get there.
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Postby robyn » Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:30 pm

I Also had and an ivf cycle and had a poor response to the stims....at the EC there was only one follicle and they got only one egg. I wish I could tell you my result was positive but it wasn't, i mean it did fertilise but it didn't implant. I know how you feel. I am about to start another cycle in March only cause my clinic reccommends waiting one to two cycles. We are going to change the drugs a bit and see what happens. Good Luck. for 4 folliesd i think it is worth a try. I am hoping for just three at my next EC!
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Postby Jeanette2K6 » Fri Jan 20, 2006 2:34 am

I know exactly how you feel. I just went through my first cycle on 300 Follistim/2 amps of Repronex and only produced 4 eggs. They were able to harvest all four but only three fertilized and none made it past day 2 so we weren't able to implant :( It is such a disappointment, especially since I was also told that it is an indicationof poor egg quality. It definitely makes it a harder decision for the next time.
A friend of mine had three failed attempts with IVF and decided to go for egg doation. She made it as far as testing for it and she got pregnant on her own between cycles. So goes to show you, you never know just hang in there. I know it'll work out for you whatever you decide to do.
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Postby andreysmom » Fri Feb 17, 2006 9:01 pm

Ally on my 1st IVF I had only 3 follies and I decided to go forward with retrieval. On the baseline sono there were 8 but only 3 matured. Of the 3 retrieved only 2 were good for ICSI, both of them fertilised and both were transfered. I did get pregnant that cycle. So there is hope that even with so few follies you can make it. I still have no explalation as to why so few, but am intending to start the #2 IVF in few days with different protocol, hoping it will help. Did your doc consider changing the protocol, NOT only upping your meds?????

Good luck
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Postby runutsbc » Tue Mar 07, 2006 3:21 am

May this info help you:
I'm 44 though and my USA dr. is aggressive & I took 8 days of Menopur @ high doses of 8ampules=600IU? Baseline was 6 eggs, retrieved 5, 4 fertilzed and transferred but today I got a negative preganancy test.

Wonder if your dr can increase your medication?
Important to ask your doctor the grade of your eggs. Don't assume because you responded poorly to the meds means your egg quality is bad. Ask for day 3 FSh and Estradiol reading and have your dr. grade your eggs.

I changed my previous dr. because he said I was a poor responder to the injectables med and probably won't be able to use it. Well, I proved him wrong because I just needed a higher dosage based on the expertise of another dr. I am now a good responder. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Don't give up hope having your very own baby without first checking with MD. Maybe get another opinion?
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Postby daly » Wed Mar 08, 2006 2:29 am

I also have that dreaded label of poor responder. I know that the suppressing drugs can have very different effects for different women. Antagon is a favored suppressor over Lupron for poor responders unless your RE is using a microdose Lupron or Lupron flare protocol. But, if you're on Lupron and not responding, I would suggest asking about alternatives as this is a well documented problem with lupron. Also, my RE mixes my Follistim with a little REpronex as well. (Follistim is pure fsh and Repronex is mixed LH and FSH) Newer research is suggesting a little LH can help with follicle and maybe even egg quality. I'm on 450 Follistim, 2 vials Repronex and will use Antagon on cycle day 7 or so for suppression. I have high FSH and got 8 good quality eggs last cycle. People do have varying cycles with one being better than another. I would definatley recommend a second opinion in these important decisions. Good Luck!!!
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