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No Change in the Est. Numbers???

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No Change in the Est. Numbers???

Postby gel » Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:11 pm

I'm a little freaked out, and could use some feedback. I am scheduled for egg retrieval on Tuesday morning. My bloodwork showed great estrodiol numbers yesterday - 1021 - and 15 maturing eggs with the largest at 17.5. This all looked great, and we were very excited. We're coming off of a failed IVF in December and these numbers are much better than the numbers we had then.

I went in for bloodwork only this morning, and they just called to say that my estrodial number didn't change at all. I am to take my Hcg shot tonight for retrieval Tuesday morning. I didn't expect to be triggered until at least tomorrow. They said they're doing it now because I have "plateaued" and "stalled out" and that they don't expect the numbers to get better from here.

What does this mean? Poor egg quality? I have had such a good attitude about this cycle - withstanding 3 shots a night, etc., and hoping for the best. Now with one phone call I'm down in the dumps and scared that it has all just gone down the toilet.

Has anyone had this experience? Or does anyone know anything about this and what it might mean? Any thoughts would be so helpful. I would love to recapture my good spirits and don't know how.

Thanks, Gel
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Postby Shellw » Tue Jan 17, 2006 6:30 pm

Hello! I am going thru this exact situation now! I was about 25 days into my cycle and my blood work Friday showed not enough Estrogen. I was only at 142. I had 9 follicles and my retrieval was to be 1/19. They stopped my cycle and said the lack of estrogen would not result in pregancy. I am devasted! I really did not get a good explanation and can't get in for a consult with my doctor until the 26th! I did a lot of research on the web this morning with low estrogen and ivf and it concerns me. I would love to hear your story. Mine is posted in the introduction. User name is Shellw.

Please keep me updated on your situation. I am really interested in your progress.

Good Luck!
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