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the long haul

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the long haul

Postby faith4 » Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:48 pm

DH + I started to visit this message board quite recently. Everyone's questions and answers are interesting and helpful.

Since hearing the infertility news, we have been waiting for times when the specialist's availability matched our schedules, waiting for a related operation (large cyst), and having the treatment cycles.

Third EC yesterday; transfer will be delayed 1 month because of a bit of a risk of hyperstimulation (26 eggs). This happened at the last EC (28).

Because adoption and donors are difficult where we live, we feel we must stick this out a bit longer. We feel a bit worn down at times. The (early) miscarriage last year was an obvious low patch.

The unexpected surprises get to us (as well as the bad news that is "predictable"). There have been several but one eg was yesterday, my husband did the business as usual but they could find no useable sperm at all! This has not happened before. They dug out a few frozen samples from more than 12 mths ago and eventually found some there they could try. Holy dooley - the eggs, all this inconvenience + expense - we hope they found some sperm.

Sorry to rave on about my own situation for so long. If anyone has stories to tell about being successful on the 5th time or 8th time etc or has experienced a mysterious demise of the sperm => we would love to hear from you => what happened and how you 'hung in there'.

me - 34 - PCOS
DH - 31 - male factor infertility
3rd EC yesterday
4 transfers
ttc 2 yrs icsi/ivf
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