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TOP Clinics in USA

Postby rweinstok » Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:38 pm

My name is Rony i`m from Costa Rica..... I make two IVF cicle the last year with no resolts........ I dont know if the clinic is good or no ? I dont have any idea wich clinic is the best ? We want to try again IVF but I`m very confuse about where to go or what to do.

If someone was in the same problem with me. Please le me know what do you do because I don`t know what to do?

Thanks for everyone for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby kate1215 » Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:55 am

Hi Rony. I am from the Washington, DC area and have been going the the Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, VA (about 10 miles from DC). I really like them because they aren't a huge clinic, but are cutting edge. They also have some nice features: one nurse follows you through all your cycles, so you don't have to deal with 10 different nurses. They also answer the phone every time - no waiting through Muzak. The doctors seem to know when we need advice and when to let us make decisions too. I totally trust them. I had a miscarriage in December and they were phenomenal - very supportive.

The big clinic in this area is Shady Grove Fertility. Its a much bigger operation, so they can claim more pregnancies. I have heard from my friend, who is a nurse, that many people have been successful there. Hope that helps. :D
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Postby sml » Tue Mar 14, 2006 5:47 pm

Hi Rony,

I'm originally from New York city and there are several top clinics in Manhattan: Cornell, NYU, and SIRM. I would recommend looking at the boards on www.ivfconnections.com -- there are some boards organized by location (country and in the U.S. by state). You could post the same query there and will probably get more response.

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