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3 month lupron pre-IVF

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3 month lupron pre-IVF

Postby poppy28 » Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:27 pm

I had a laparoscopy where the dr. found I had mild endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes. He injected me with 11.25mg Arvekap (similar to Lupron) - this is a three month dose causing a complete cessation of the menstrual cycle. On day 90 after the op and injection, and before my period starts, I am supposed to start my first IVF cycle. During the IVF cycle I will only be taking the follicle stimulating hormones (no Lupron necessary). Has anybody had a similar experience - 3 month Lupron then IVF directly without a period (menstrual cycle) in between? :?:
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Postby miel » Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:54 pm

This has not happened to me, but I bet they are doing it to help reduce the endo. I also have mild endo, and one of the treatments is the luperon, so they told me. So if they can reduce your endo, the ivf will work better. Best of luck to you!
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