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First IVF scheduled at the end of June... need some wisdom

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First IVF scheduled at the end of June... need some wisdom

Postby tinkerbellamom » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:27 am

Hi all I am new... I posted in the welcome forum but here is the post incase some don't read there.
Hi. My name is Beth. I am 28 years old my dh is 35. We have 1 child and she is our 110% MIRACLE! We began trying on our honeymoon to get pregnant (Aug of 1997) and finally had her on Oct 30th 2001! So when we decided to try again we felt unsure and after a year of trying without sucess we went to a fertility specialist. I went first had all the blood work the HSG, my tubes were 98% blocked but she was able to unblock them right then. She felt sure that we would concieve within the next 2 cycles. Here we are 4 cycles later. Dh's SA was great so no problems there. His numbers are high 125 and motility was excelent so she is at a loss. So we weighed our options, Clomid w/o IUI, Clomid w/ IUI, and IVF.

We are incredibly blessed to have insurance coverage for 100% of all of the above so on the recomendation of our Fertility doc we have scheduled out first IVF. If at the end of the cycle I am in now I am not pregnant which at this point I am not expecting I will begin with the bc,shots and then our retrival is scheduled for one of 3 days June 22,23, or 24th with transfer 3 days following the retrival. I am really nervous, our insurance will cover 2 ivf's and 6 iui's so we have several chances but its still scary. I feel like its put up or shut up time.

Anyway I just wanted to say hi.

So I guess what I was looking for other than just support is people who can tell me what to expect. I am already I very emotional person, am I going to totally loose it? I read in a couple of posts that people are on baby asprin, my doctor hasn't mentioned that, should I ask or is it just something that people with certain infertility issues do?

Its really hard as you all know and the worst part is that there is no explainable reason that we haven't gotten pregnant yet.

Anyway. Thanks to those who read so far. I hope to give and recieve tons of support here!
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