Please,be pasiont for a little help!

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Please,be pasiont for a little help!

Post by nges » Wed May 24, 2006 10:08 am

My husband and I have been trying for 5 years to have children, and this is our 2nd attempt at ICSI. Yesterday I had the resultants.
Tested negative!
I have wished in this moment there was somebody or something that could do or say something to make me and my husband to feel just a little better, but I know that was impossible.
Is seems like forever, huh?
I shall try to take it easy. But my heart is broken, I’m broke...I have no desires left.. I’m peeing like crazy for the last 2 days…

Well, let’s change the subject!
As you see, I’m new here, so please be passion with me and take some mints to answer in my questions (maybe they are stupid, but..)!

1. I really do not understand what is the meaning of those initials BFP,PMA,AF,...etc,etc.
Is there any explanation somewhere?

2. What about the BCP`s,"Birth Controll pills"(this initial I know;)
I heard that if you take BCP for few months, there is also evidence that it can increase the chances for pregnancy?!
Is this true, or just another stupid question I have collected? :(

3.I read in the forum that the medicine may explain this failure this way: The body may rejected because i have a endometriosis and my body fights against anything that is put in me and would attack my embryos!
So my dear friend,
What are your recommendations in this direction?

4. I have read somewhere in this forum that a dr had recommended to take aspirin (low dose). “I have heard it helps with blood flow to the uterus - which aids in implantation. There is also evidence that it can help prevent miscarriage.” it says! Is this true?

And, one more question, I promise this is the lust one!

5. What is helping us during those 28 or 29 days of IVF!
-Laying in bad, been in good mud, staying at home, walking,…what is more convenient for little embryos to feel good and to start liked our body?

:!: :?:

I pray for everyone struggling through their lives of infertility.

Rotterdam/NL :wink:
Aged 37
Operations cyst/urine tubes (left side, next to the ovaries)1983
Colposcopy Endometriosis /left side, no tubes blocked in late 2003
First IVF (ICSI) November 2005,
Second IVF (ICSI) May 2006,

Puregon 150IU , Orgalutran, 3x Augmentin(antib), 2amp.Pregnyl 5000 E,2x Diazepan (5mg),1x Voltaren(50 mg),1xParacetamol(100 mg) and Injections Pregnyl 1500 IE
We had retrieval done and they were able to get 6 eggs.
2 high quality embryos transferred
We didn't get any frozen embryos


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Post by nges » Wed May 24, 2006 10:41 am

I forgot something:

I smoke 4-5 cigarettes per day. Should I stop smoking, or not smoking will increase my stress!!!

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Post by madiva » Wed May 24, 2006 1:21 pm

Don't loose faith. I tried for over 12 years and got a PFP (Big fat possive)
I did also smoke until the transfer after that I did not have notta one. My doctor did put me on BCP, I don't know why but I am sure there was a reason for it. I also have endometrisosis, I have had 6 laporoscopys and it still kept coming back. It was so bad I had to have my right overy taken out. After my transfer he did also put my on a low dose of asprin. During the IFV procedure I did do my normal routine except things like playing ball, but other than that just a normal routine. Good luck and I am praying for you. Don't loose faith (easier said than done).

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Post by kristiA » Wed May 24, 2006 4:33 pm

nges, sorry to hear about your disappointing news. It's a big roller coaster ride! I have endometreosis also and 5 failed IUI's...been trying to get pregnant for over 10 years. My first IVF worked and I'm now pregnant with twins. So I wouldn't say that the endometreosis fights off the embry with least not in my case.

Abbreviations...go to the general forum, one of the first threads is there and lists what all the appreviations mean. Here's a few that you mentioned:
BFP/BFN - big fat positive, big fat negative (pregnancy test)
AF - Aunt flow (your period)
PMA - positive mental attitude

I was on birth control one month before my IVF. I don't know the full reasoning behind that, but thought it was to help regular my body prior to the IVF cycle.

I've also heard of the low dose aspirin, but only on this message board. My doctor never mentioned it and I never took it.

I rested and took it easy during my cycle. I worked everyday (office job), but then put my feet up at night and relaxed on the couch. Same with the weekends. I also found other things to occupy my mind so I wasn't thinking about IVF all the time. I was actually in the midst of the adoption process and found that kept my mind off it. I think stress plays a big part in our fertility trouble too. Knowing I was going to adopt helped my mind with being ok if IVF didn't work, thus I had less stress about it.

I think I answered all your questions. Again, sorry about your BFN (you know what that means now). Good luck again with whatever you decide to do next. And keep smiling.

ME 36, DH 49
TTC 10 years
5 Failed IUI's
1st IVF Feb 2006 - TWIN BOYS Tyler & Brady born 9/30/06


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Post by pinkiestinky » Wed May 24, 2006 7:54 pm


I had 3 failed IVF's and I finally got a positive. On my cycle of stimulations I was on birth control prior to stimulations. I did not take baby aspirin. After the transfer I just took it easy.

I also had 6 eggs fertilized and the doctor recommended to put back 2. I opted for 3..just in case :). I am not sure at this time how many are week is my scan and I did not freeze the rest.

My advise is to emotional take it one day at a time. Dont give up. If financially you can handle the costs....try one more time. Ask your physician to change the med's. This was my third clinic that I went to ...and I finally got a positive and their method's was totally different from the rest. For example, I didnt take birth control on the other three cycles, I was on baby aspirin, and I drank lots of water before my transfer. In my last cycle..I did none of what I just mentioned. So it is basically trial and error.

Good luck and best of wishes on your next cycle.
ME 27 DH 32

1st IVF W/ICSI 7/05 - BFN (male factor)
2nd IVF W/ICSI 9/05 - BFN
3rd IVF W/ICSI 11/05 - BFN
4th IVF W/ICSI 5/06 - BFP

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Post by nges » Mon May 29, 2006 11:21 am

Madiva, KristiA and Pinkiestinky
I really appreciate so much your great advice.

Thanks for answering my questions.
My hospital didn't give me any advice whatsoever what to do or what not to do. I have, however, read some advice in this forum:” Does & Don’ts” but truly I believe that somehow I could not have baby and maybe I’m so old for this?!(38y in 6 month).When I have my period I hardly breathe and one of my friend told me that maybe I have climax started because of this symptom!
I was so scared when I heard that, choked..!!!
Well, maybe it’s possible!

In meantime, I have something to share with you:
I have very bizarre dreams in the first and second procedure of IVF, dreams like I was watching a horror movies!
I’m not religious person and I do not believe in black magic, but this time I was confused with this kind of thinks, like something or somebody was stopping me…
Maybe I sound crazy, but I try to talk to myself that this is just because of this therapy with all those hormones and probably I’m in tens to…

Anyway, I’m so sensitive person and I can not avoid stress.

One more think my dear friends:
What is your advise about the term between 2 IVF`s?
One month, two, three, or more pause...??

Sending you big hugs.
Love N.
[size=75]-Aged 37
-Surgery`83:cyst in urine tubes (left side)
-Colposcopy`03: Endometriosis /left s.No tubes blocked
-5 IUI's at MCRZ in Rijnmond(2001÷`05)
-First IVF (ICSI) November 2005 and Sec. IVF (ICSI) May 2006 in Erasmus,Rotterdam[/size]

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Post by Ghost » Mon May 29, 2006 5:15 pm

kristiA wrote: I was on birth control one month before my IVF. I don't know the full reasoning behind that, but thought it was to help regular my body prior to the IVF cycle.
That's right. Oral contraceptive pills (OCP) get your cycle under control, so that the drug regimens could be properly scheduled. Also, many clinics "batch" their cycles, so that many patients go through the same stages at roughly the same time. OCP gets all patients on one schedule.

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