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egg donation

Postby ele » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:25 am

hello everyone. i am 42 i have had 3mc 2 unsuccessful ivf cycles and now tried egg donation. i had 2 embryos transfered on 11-22-06. i have to wait 12 days to get a preg test. the wait is killing me. i am feeling different pintches and pulls on my right side sometimes on my left and sometimes in the middle. i am not spotting at all and i dont know if these little pullings and pintches are normal.. im just worried. please answer me and let me know if you felt this.. thank you.
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Postby Kat » Tue Nov 28, 2006 5:50 pm

Come and join us on the over 40 crowd thread...we have a few pg ladies there, donor eggs and not, and I am soon to start a donor cycle. In answer to your question, in my last cycle I felt exactly like my period was coming, with all sorts of twinges and infact I was pregnant (although short lived). Whatever medication you are taking could also be causing funny twinges.
Hang in there and best of luck when you test
Kat xx
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