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egg donation from abroad and advice on poor ovarian response

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egg donation from abroad and advice on poor ovarian response

Postby IVFSwitzerland » Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:11 pm

I have been told I have poor ovarian response - having had a very energetic protocol of IVF - 3 injection a day of Fostimon, Menopur and Decapeptyl I only produced 5 follicles and none at all on right side - my dr says this was not at all a normal response and suspects I have prematuring aging as far as my ovaries are concerned. I could seek a 2nd opinion but with such a strong protocol of treatment and he is the best in the area, I guess I have to believe him. He told me I could take these results anywhere and all doctors would say the same as Im only 38 and should have produced a lot more..... my first protocol went better and the treatment was much less strong! Anyway, the good news is I managed to have 2 ovocytes from this aggressive treatment and the 2 fertilised so transfer day is tomorrow. I am trying to stay positive but the dr has told me to at least think about egg donation now for the future. My sister (twin also 38) has been told she is too old to help me and I guess that even if I find a clinice that will use her, our my chances much better with a younger donor? She has 2 healthy children but her local clinic has still said she is too old. If anyone has any advice on all these points plus where to go to abroad to get good donor eggs, please let me know. thanks
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