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3rd Party Repro Broadcast

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3rd Party Repro Broadcast

Postby JADE0199 » Tue Sep 04, 2007 8:34 pm

I just listened to this wonderful and very informative broadcast by HaveABaby.com that covered egg, sperm and alittle embryo donation as well as surrogacy. The doctor was very thorough and covered alot of information on all topics. I wanted to share with those who are considering egg donation or 3rd party reproduction.

Babydust to all!

http://www.modavox.com/VoiceAmericaCMS/ ... ShowId=218

8/23/07 - Third-Party Parenting
Learn what happens when two isn't enough and how a third party can help you fulfill your dreams of parenthood. This week host Kim Hahn speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Fisch, Medical Director of the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine in Las Vegas, about the right time to consider third-party reproduction, the intricacies of egg donation, sperm donation, and gestational surrogacy, and the important questions to ask when reviewing your options.
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