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your attitudes about egg donation

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Re: your attitudes about egg donation

Postby trasco » Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:31 pm

Personal background:
1.Your current age? 37 (will be 38 in November)
2.At what age did you get married? What's your partner's age then? married at 34, husband same age
3.At what age did you start thinking of conceiving a baby? What's your partner's age then? 34, same
Attitudes and decision making process
4.What are the assisted treatment you have done? (ex: IVF, Artificial insemination....) IUI, IVF
5.What are your thoughts (positive or negative) on doing the egg donor procedure? positive
6.Have you thought of doing the egg donor procedure? If not, what's your concern? yes
7.If you have considered /are considering to accept eggs, what are the top 3 criteria of your selection? (e.g. height? SAT score? medical history? hair color?, etc.) previous pregnancies or donations resulting in pregnancy, medical history, physical characteristics in general
8.What are the chaneels you will use to search for a donor? (clinic, agency, online, or close friends) clinic
9.What are the reasonable price you are willing to pay for the egg? well, it's more than 1 egg...it should be at least 6 eggs...and we are paying $13000. That seems very reasonable.

Best regards,
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Postby woodcliff » Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:37 pm

Who are you and who ar the We working on a project...what is it for, for which organization, and how will you use the data you collect...

I would forewarn any IVF forum users against responding to this study until you know more information about who jennyca is. This board is not to be used in such a manner.
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am I completely selfish and immature?

Postby jt - ivf at 41 » Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:17 pm

Hi Ladies,
I pray that I do not offend anyone with my questions, so if that does happen - I apologize!!

I just found out today that I am not pregnant after my 2ww - ist round of IVF / 4 eggs retreved from 31 Follicles / 2 eggs made it to transfer.

I saw my RE today and he advised us against going for a second round - due to the high estrogen levels (13000) and lack of eggs.

He suggested an Egg Donor. I feel awful thinking this way, but I feel that it would be my DH's baby and not mine. I am out of my mind?? I know this is all very fresh and raw today - too much information in one day. I would almost prefer adoption because then it would be neither of our "flesh and blood".

I need time to think about this, but wondered if any of you have ever had any reservations about this, or are you just thankful to have a chance at having a baby? I hate myself for thinking this way, but I do. Perhaps after I have some time, I will see it in a new light.

I think that the beautiful women who donate thier eggs are incredible angels. God bless them all!

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Postby rhall00 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 3:54 am

Hi Joanna,

We actually have a donor egg group over on the general forum. There are plenty of women over there that can give you amazing advice and let you know what they've been through. I'm currently using DE as I had no other choice, but it was still not an easy decision. The women on the Donor Egg thread can definitely help you! Best of luck!

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Postby jt - ivf at 41 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:00 pm

Thanks for your advice - I will check in over there!

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Postby tryw8 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:24 pm

jt - ivf at 41:

Please don't give up hope. I had a lot of counseling when my first try w/ IVF didn't work. I went into a depression. I had 4 transferred and not one of them took. It took me 6 whole months of soul searching to get myself back on track and to be the old self prior to treatment. It was really difficult. I returned back to work to face the insensitive comments made by my patients in relation to my age and childless. (No one ... absolutely no one knows nothing of what my husband and I were going through.)

In doing the counselling, the clinic had opened up the topic of egg donation. You and your DH will choose the female type: race, hair color, body frame, personality traits, occupation etc. It's pretty darn amazing that the babies come out looking like both parents even though it is of only one biological parent. The candidates get passed that fact, though.

Please take care of yourself. We're here for you.
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Started Egg Donation Blog

Postby andsierra » Fri May 29, 2009 11:27 pm

I started an egg donation blog that documented my first cycle. I start my second next week. I thought this may help future donors and families to better understand the donors experience.

* to go directly to the entries about egg donation - find the labels column on the right side and click "egg donation". i enjoyed my experience except after retrieval. i was out (i.e. no walking) for a week!
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