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Looking for an embryo or two~

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Looking for an embryo or two~

Postby Mishla » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:02 pm

Hello Everyone~
My name is Mishla and I am completely new to this website and so happy to have found it :)

My husband Ross and I are signed up with an adoption agency waiting to be matched with an infant. A few months ago we met a woman who offered us 2 frozen embryos. We were floored! We had not even considered such a possibility and got very very excited! I have been busy getting all the appropriate tests to make sure I can carry a baby and so far, in spite of being 52 years young, my doctors all agree that I am a very good canidate. I have a clinic who is happy to help us and has had successes with women several years older than myself.

The only problem we have run into is that because her embryos were created after may 25, 2005, they are subject to an FDA rule stating the donors must have been checked for infectious diseases such as HIV etc within 1 month of the creation of the embryos. Since there was no need at the time, they did not have these tests. Hence, without them, the FDA will not allow a transfer of one person's 'human tissue' to another person. But... embyos which were created before may 25, 2005 are not subject to these same rules. (Go figure, but lucky for us...) The FDA would still like the donors to have these specific tests, but if that is not possible for whatever reason, we are allowed to sign a waiver that we agree to accept the embryos without these tests.

Of course we were devistated after this whole thing got snagged on a technicality like that! So, after crying for a few days I decided to get on line and look elsewhere and found this website. We have decided to throw this same idea back out again into the universe and try to find someone with extra embroys chillin' since before may 25, 2005 that they just dont know what to do with... Perhaps someone who would be happy to give them to a couple such as ourselves:

We are of jewish/european descent and would be thrilled to find jewish embryos (especially my mother who is a survivor of the holocaust and still kicking butt at 86 yrs old...) but are absolutely open to other possibilities which may hopefully look a bit like ourselves as far as race goes. As to being jewish, we love and appreciate our culture and religion, though we are not terribly religious. We always celebrate Hanukah and sometimes other holidays, and we love to go to our friend's Christmas parties, but our spirituallity is really linked more to the wonders of nature, the beauty of music and art and the company of family and good friends ~ We have friends of all faiths and would offer a well rounded education and the freedom, love and support for any religious leaning our child's heart might lead them to follow.

We are not too particular about hair/eyes color/body type etc. We just want a nice healthy child to love and care for. We live about 45 minutes outside San Francisco and own our house in a great neighborhood with highly rated schools in an ethnically diverse, family oriented community. My husband is a music/band instructor at a local middle school where he has seniority and stability in his job. In addition, he plays french horn in a local major orchestra and a mean blues harmonica too! I sing jazz, brazilian, blues and R&B, though more for love than money... and sometimes we perform together~ My 'real job' is my own business working as a real estate appraiser. I have a lot of flexibility and work mostly at home on my own schedule. I love my job, though appraising is rather slow at the moment as you might imagine...

I truely appreciate what you are all going through because I also spent several years doing IUIs and put a lot of energy into becoming pregnant that way~

If anyone wants to know more about us, I can easily email pages from our "Dear Birthmother" booklet as attachments. This is the booklet that our agency gives the birthmothers and is a great snapshot of our lives, consisting of photos and letters from us and our friends to the prospective birthmother~

If anyone has any other ideas about where else we might direct our search, we would be so grateful~

Thank you so much for listening~

Most Sincerely,
Mishla & Ross
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