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Unable to donate due to false positive Hep test?

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Unable to donate due to false positive Hep test?

Postby caperez » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:07 am

I had decided to donate half my eggs on my 1st IVF cycle for financial reasons, and I really wanted to help someone else. Seemed like a win/win situation. I was matched up w/my Donor receipient quickly and started my meds. During my 2nd week of meds I took my FDA regulated blood test to make sure no HIV, STD's...etc. I was so suprised when Dr. called and said my Hep. test showed a false positive. Meaning my blood initialled reacted to the test, but when they did the actual Hepatitus test, the test was Negative. But b/c the 1st test was reactive, i was unable to donate even though I have no STD's no HIV , no hepatitus....nothing!! I don't understand, Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
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