I Would love to be your donor

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I Would love to be your donor

Post by Jaclyn » Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:51 pm

I want to be an egg donor for the right family, and I fully understand what all is involved.
Heres a little about me.

I am 25 years old.
Very health conscience.
NON smoker, never have, never will.
I do not use any drugs or drink alcohol.
Blue eyes and dark hair.
5'5" and weigh 118 lbs.
Italian and French, great combination!
Have very nice skin and a tannish complexion.
I have conceived before.
People say I have modal like features.
Perfect teeth.
Collage educated.
Honest and trustworthy.
Have never had any health problems.
My family are all healthy, no family health problems.

I will be willing to send pictures and meet with you in person, (something clinics don't offer or allow).
I am asking for at least 10k and all expenses. I am located in south Florida, but willing to travel anywhere.

I can be reached at WouldLoveToHelpU@gmail.com

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Post by natashamom » Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:43 am


If you`re still interested in donating your eggs,would you pls let us know how much is your donation,would you travel to AZ and if you could send pics to:uflower2000@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for the present of life.


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