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Seek Egg Donation - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Seek Egg Donation - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Postby SingleWithoutChildren » Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:11 pm

Hi Everyone:
I am a single, professional female who is at the right place in life to finally have a family but am not able to. Being single and 45 years old, I am not able to get pregnant and have my own child. I have never been lucky to find a man I loved and cared enough for, to have a family with, while in my 20' or 30's.... but, I still want a family of my own, so much so, it is heart breaking that my options in Canada are so limited.

I have no money to give, cannot pay "expenses" or anything like that, when you consider the costs of the fertility clinic, which conducts the harvesting of the eggs, and the implantation procedure.... is over $12,000 here. I have never felt it is right to "buy" or pay for the gift of life, when the words "donor" and 'donation" strike me as another person offering, giving, from the goodness of their heart, to another who cannot. I have searched online for months, only to find that egg donors are "selling' their eggs to the highest bidder in the USA and other countries and all the websites I have found, are not what they advertise. I know it's a long shot, hoping there is one special female out there, in the right age group, with proven pregnancy, and, has the gift of giving in their heart to help another who cannot experience the joy and fulfillment of having her own child, without the kindness and help of her donation. I know donating eggs is something that words cannot express, but, it is the gift of life and that alone leaves me speechless. If I had the opportunity, and viable eggs and in the right age group, I would have donated to a woman, such as myself, if I could have. Thats without even experiencing the joy of having my own child, ever.

Like most in here, in the same position as I am in, I am trying to not lose hope and will try this message board and hope and pray there is one woman in Canada, in Manitoba or near, that will find it in her heart to reach out to me.....

I am single, professionaly employed and work with high risk youths. 45yrs old, 5'4, blonde hair, blue eyes, ukrainian-polish-jewish heritage. I seek a donor from any ethnic background, as long as she is heathy, and has previous pregnancies that were successful and doesn't do drugs or drink.

I will communicate privately with any woman that wishes to talk further...

thank you, from the bottom of my heart....
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Re: Seek Egg Donation - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Postby Sergio » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:57 am

Hi there,
are you able to travel to europe to follow a treatment?
Noramlly you just have to come ones, as you are from canada, our clinic trats single woman without any problem, please feel free to get in touch with me when ever you need:
international @ irema.org
Kind regards
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