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We are looking for a biracial embryo donation

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We are looking for a biracial embryo donation

Postby MomToBe » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:57 pm


My husband and I are interested in adopting/accepting embryo. We would like to find an embryo that resembles our racial mix if possible. My husband is black with medium color skin (half Puerto Rican and half West Indian) and I am caucasian (half Euro and half Native American). We are both educated and financially secure. We would provide an incredibly loving home. Rather than write a book on this message board, I'll keep it short and hope to hear from anyone who might be a possible donor.

If you have an embryo which is biracial, I would love to talk to you and see if we might be a good match. Please email me at w8ing4ababy@gmail.com and I can give you much more information about who we are. Have a nice day!
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