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Bi-Racial embryos available

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Bi-Racial embryos available

Postby lycase » Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:11 pm

for those looking here is a message I got this morning:

Hello, I have been on this board for some time, but I rarely post. I'm trying to be of some help to those looking for bi-racial embryos. We had a match with a couple who I met on Miracles Waiting some time ago. In the meantime I got pregnant, my family is now complete and this other couple still have some quality bi-racial embryos at a clinic in Chicago. The couple may need to destroy the embryos because their family is complete, and they cannot keep paying the freezing costs of the embryos. This couple is very busy with work, with their twins who are 6 and cannot dedicate their time to finding a match. I want to help them, another potential couple and I hate to see the embryos be destroyed... So...if there is anyone, preferably a couple I think (although they would need to decide if they are open to a single parent or prefer a couple) can you please let me know, either through a private email or on this web site and I will forward the information to the couple. Like I say, I know how hard it is to find bi-racial embryos and I am just trying to help out.

Best Regards,

sorry these embryos are probably gone now.
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