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Egg sharing program

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Egg sharing program

Postby Rachel Stirling » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:59 pm

Hi guys, im a 34 yr old woman in the UK, i live in Somerset, and me and my fiance are hoping to have IVF
but im also going to be sharing my eggs on the egg sharing program!
We have had the first consultation at a clinic in London which is a 3 hour train journey away!
but the clinic has some amazing successes and it is quite well known for its excellent IVF successes!
I had my first bloods taken, and a vaginal ultrasound! and numerous questions asked about heredatary problems etc!
My Fiance had his blood tests taken at the local GP surgery as we could not afford the costs to have them done at the clinic!
How do you know if you have been accepted onto the egg sharing program?
And How long after you are accepted will the IVF drugs actually start?
I know they have to match me with another woman who needs my eggs! and then synchronise our cycles!
But how long will all this take?
We had our initial consultation two weeks ago and i am feeling quite eager to get on with the process!
and the time is starting to really drag!
We dont even know if we have been accepted for the egg sharing or not!!!! We have even given the forms that the IVF clinic gave to us for our GP to let the IVF clinic look at our medical records
I really could do with some advice and to hear from someone who has either gone through this process or is going through it!!!
Rachel Stirling
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Re: Egg sharing program

Postby batleybus » Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:49 pm

hi i just read your post. Have you tried contacting the clinic to ask what the hold up is? I think for most of there clinics they have so much going on with so many other couples it takes forever. Me and my husband live are currently on the waiting list at bourn hall clinic, cambridge and unless we ring frequently we dont hear anything. Also just wondered if you would consider donating your eggs to my clinic which would mean we would go to the top of the list and you would be able to have your ivf treatment there. I also undertand that if you donate in directly to a couple all your travel expenses are paid up to 250 pound. Give me an email if you would like to help :) nchchick@hotmail.co.uk
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