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Egg Donation and Risk

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Egg Donation and Risk

Postby lombardia » Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:18 pm


This summer I've tried my IVF with the donor eggs anbroad. Now my doctor here confirms a 10 week pregnancy but emotionally I don't feel OK. All the time crying and fearing of the baby loss and possible genetic diseases. I've done my IVF abroad because it cost there much less money and they proposed to me a good donor database. Now I'm thinking what if the baby inside me isn't OK, healthy or something like that. The doctor's made some analyses there and they were good but my IVF was in Ukraine. At that time I didn't worry about it because my IVF was completely successful and I was so happy with that. But now I'm afraid of possible doctor's mistakes. And don't want to confess about my IVF to my doctor here in Italy.
Can a baby inherit any genetic disease from egg donor even if analyses are right? Should I ask my doctor to make some analyses?
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Re: Egg Donation and Risk

Postby tuffy4u » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:35 am

I wouldn't think you were at any higher risk than anyone else having a baby normally. In the US they do a test at 12-14 weeks for genetic abnormalities. It's an easy blood test and shows you your risks of many genetic disorders. Maybe ask for that test? Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy. Try to enjoy it, you are finally pregnant!
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