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SF BAY-33 Year Old Academic: hope to SHARE Eggs at $ Cost

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SF BAY-33 Year Old Academic: hope to SHARE Eggs at $ Cost

Postby SantaCruzDonor » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:12 am

I am a 33 year old woman whose 40 year old female partner is infertile. We live in the SF Bay area and are investigating IVF using my eggs & having her carry the baby.

We are looking for a couple who wants some of my eggs in exchange for helping with cost of egg extraction.

The cumulative cost of the Egg Removal & IVF is more than we can afford at the moment (paying off student loans), so we are trying to get creative. Egg Sharing seems to be common in other areas, but I am not seeing anything on the West Coast of the USA.

A little about me:
33 years old
118 pounds. ~5'5 tall.
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Dimples. Healthy & Fit. Attractive, I'm told :-)
Masters of Science Degree, MBA candidate, Bachelor of Arts. Creative & smart.
Good family- PhD father & mother has a master's degree. Very good looking sibling (brother).

Hobbies: surfing, bike riding, walking dogs on the beach.
Stable in personal and professional life. Happy individual, seeking to make the world a better place for a child & help others have a child.

A couple of notes: It is important to us that lab & clinical stuff happens at NOVA in Mountain View. We like them a lot!
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