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Never Lose Hope "Believe in God" Our Miracle

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Never Lose Hope "Believe in God" Our Miracle

Postby Jessica98 » Wed May 03, 2017 7:36 pm

Hello everybody.
My name is Jessica and my husband Phillip. I do not tell too much my course on the discussion forums unless it holds me very much at heart but most of the time I just bother to read the testimonies of others and their journeys.
Today I decided to tell my story because as it says "No one is happy all alone". In this society, many couples like mine have a hard time having their babies in a natural way, but at the same time other people have come to get pregnant but sometimes abort or even niggle their child. Situation that not lack of means fail to ensure the hospital costs for IVF or even pay a donor or surrogate mother, it is difficult for them to have a baby even in adoption.
I have even published ads on forums for years to find a good fairy that will give the happiness to my couple. But nowadays finding a donor who does not expect a pay becomes increasingly difficult. Because first to insure the costs of the process and then paid the donor makes us spend a lot of money. First of all 2 failed IVF and so we had decided to look for a donor. Our first process with a donor cost us all our savings but you already guess that it was a failure. After that we turned to adoption, but on this side also we were very disappointed to learn the cost and the time it will take. I was totally lost and my husband had the idea of ​​telling me that I would never have a baby.
But I can tell you that God never forgets his people because, by expressing my disappointment and lack of means for our project to have cost our little half, a nice lady named ELIZABETH commented on my position and decided To help me financially for our project. This couple, having also experienced this many years ago, was able to understand our dedication to this project and gave us a very fast loan which allowed us today to enjoy the joy of being parents. Thanks to this loan of money we are filled with joy and we never cease to thank God for this miracle he has made in our lives.
It is a very generous couple, they decided to grant loans to all couples in hard situations like ours. In view of the experience we had experienced, I wanted to show their gesture. Anyone in our situation can testify to having experienced this truly magnificent experience for us. Please share this message this will help a lot of couples in our ex-situation. If you have any questions I can answer you.
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