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looking for frozen egg donations

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looking for frozen egg donations

Postby wantToBeAMom » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:23 pm


I'm in Sydney and I badly want to be a mom.
I'll be 46 soon and I have had many failed ivf attempts.
I have a great job.
I have a sperm donor. He's Australian with light brown hair and deep blue eyes.
I'm originally from the Philippines.

I would greatly love to have either an asian or caucasian frozen eggs donations.
I say frozen to eliminate the need for me to apply for another loan to pay for medical expenses as ivf had costs me so much. But if I don't find anyone willing to donate their left over frozen eggs, then an egg donor angel will also be great (under 30 years please) - I will take out a loan to pay for medical expenses.

I would be forever grateful for this wonderful lady that can provide me this wonderful gift.

Please email me if you can help on rod2509@mail.com.

Thank you.
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Re: looking for frozen egg donations

Postby stephybu » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:08 pm

Hi there, have you considered the option of reproductive tourism? If you're looking for a caucasian donor then you can try Adonis in Ukraine. My friend got help with her IVF at Adonis and have a beautiful baby now. Considering it's in Ukraine and has their own donor pool and from all ethnicity, you'll definitely find whatever you're looking for. They also specialise in premenopausal women, it's gonna benefit you for sure. Adonis is a great clinic it helped my friend and many other women in having a baby. So, I'm quite confident it can help you too. Even I'm going to the clinic next year for my IVF and wish you all the best too.
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