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Embryos to donate

Postby C2Mom » Thu Jun 03, 2004 11:22 pm

My husband and I are Naval officers. We were very fortunate that after 4 tries we now have twins. I am over 40 and we decided that we are done. We have 3 embryos at the University of washington that are 2 days grown (I was about 34 when we had those done) and then two "batches" of more embryos at Washington DC. These are 6 months apart the first has about 5 or more with at least 1 blastocist that looked very promising to the embryologist. The last batch was done when I was 36 and is from the group that I have my two very healthy twin boys from. There are at least 3 blastocists. (Please forgive me if I have incorrect spelling.) We are Roman Catholic and do not want these to go to science, even though we owe our family to science. We have decided that we would like them to go to a loving home, someone who wants to have the experience of birth and is not too worried about the chromosomes involved. We would gladly provide any medical history and or tests that would be required free of charge. The only stipulation is that they are all kept together. We want them to all go to the same place so that if a few of them make it they are all together. This is a very difficult decision for us to make but one that we are absolutely sure of, please only inquire if you are totally sure of someting like this. Thanks...
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embryo donation

Postby sydnie vasquez » Wed Jan 26, 2005 10:38 pm

Hello my name is Sydnie my husband and I are vrey interested in adopting embryos. If you would consider us to adopt your embryos we would transfer all three embryos. We so much want a family I had six IVF cycles and it never worked. The doctors recommend egg donation however we are interested in embryo donation. Please feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is Sydnie1069@msn.com. I hope to hear from you soon. Sydnie
sydnie vasquez
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Postby latemom » Thu Feb 17, 2005 5:32 am

I am not sure if you have found someone to donate your embryos to, but I am interested. My husband and I have tried IVF 3 times and found that my eggs are just no good with chromosomal defects. We have contemplated now for over a year and decided that embryo adoption would be our best option. I am also willing to keep all the embryos together. I would love twins as you had had.

I will gladly provide you with any further information you desire. Please feel free to contact me at anuenuegurlie@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
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