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finding donors

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finding donors

Postby ogr1 » Fri Jun 03, 2005 7:17 pm

I'm so sorry it I am just getting back to you on your posting. I never thought anyone
ever answered my posting as I just received an e-mail from someone else yesterday and
I logged on and saw your message and 6 others.
I donated the remaining embryos to www.embryosalive.com they went to a couple
in Indiana. I'm sorry, but I didn't see your posting until today. I wish you the best of luck
and if you are having trouble finding donors and don't want to pay the finders fees that
these sites make you pay. I might suggest posting a notice at fertility clinics. Many of
us didn't even consider the thought of this...and when our storage fees come due...the
papers only state that you pay the fee or they will be destroyed...they don't mention you
can donate them. I would ask that you ask to place flyers....in any of the places you live
or ask if they can place them in their billing notices...just a thought. Most of us never go
back to the clinic after we are successful, and some of us don't want them destroyed.
All of that said, this is a very emotional choice as I am sure you are well aware....I'd try
it though....Best of luck to you.
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