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Questions to ask at consultation

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Questions to ask at consultation

Postby MichelleM » Sun Oct 23, 2005 3:16 pm

Hello again,

I know DH and I need to start writing down questions for our appointment on the 4th, but, I'm not really sure what to ask. :roll:

Can someone give me some ideas of stuff to ask. The only one I can think of right now is what I do for my period. I don't get it naturally, so am on the pill for that. Would I have to maybe go on HRT?

Anyway, thoughts please?

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Postby Sand » Sun Oct 23, 2005 5:40 pm

Hi Michelle

This question has been asked before. I've copied below Little P's answert from a few months ago :

A little while ago someone asked what questions should be asked at a consultation - this is what the HFEA recommend in their new Guide to Infertility book:

What are the benefits of the treatment you've recommended and why do you think it's the best option for me?

Are there alternative treatments? If so, why do you think they are less suitable?

How many patients at your clinic have had this treatment, and how many had a baby?

Does my age affect the choice of fertility treatment?

What drugs will I have to take and what are the side effects?

Are there any alternatives to the drugs you have mentioned?

What lifestyle changes can I make that may boost my chance of having a successful pregnancy (eg, diet, exercise, stopping smoking, etc)?

Can you break down all the costs involved in this treatment?

Is there any way these costs can be reduced?

What kind of counselling or advice do you provide, and what is the cost?

Are there any patient groups or support groups I can join?

Could you tell me more about the assessment process (Welfare of the Child) that is carried out before treatment can begin?

What other options are available if this treatment does not work?

What happens next? Do my partner and I need to do anything?

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Sandra x
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Postby MichelleM » Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:25 am

That's a brilliant start - thanks so much Sandra!

Michelle xxx
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Postby Kat » Tue Oct 25, 2005 1:01 pm

Hi Michelle
I had to take the pill for 3 weeks and then have a 'period' and then started on hormone patches so they will be able to manage your cycle I'm sure. Mine seems to have gone very quick - am now on 2 ww after transfer this morning
Take care
Kat xx
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Postby MichelleM » Tue Oct 25, 2005 2:52 pm

Congrats on your ET today, Kat! Did it all go smoothly for you? Best wishes for these next two weeks. Calm, positive thoughts headed your way.

Thanks for the tip on the pill.

Michelle xx
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