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Need Information

Postby cgsears » Thu Feb 16, 2006 2:56 pm

Hello All,
I posted this under general but I think I may have made a mistake and it should have been here, so here goes. I am a British Citizen living in the US. I have blocked fallopian tubes and PCOS. My husband and I went through our own IVF cycle 3 years ago, which failed. Small eggs, poor reaction etc. Anyway I`m 38 now and have been told that our best chance to get pregnant is with a donor. My beautiful niece has offered to donate for us which is an unbelievable gift, but we are running into issues. I contacted a clinic in Glasgow, since we will have to come to her, and they told me that all 3 of us would have to sit in front of an "ethics committee". They also told me they could not give me dates for this, which is kind of ridiculous since we live in Wyoming! Has any one else faced this, and what excatly does this committee do? Please help!! Any info would be appreciated.
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Postby taylorjools » Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:48 pm


I have had ICSI with donor eggs from an anonymous donor, but didconsider my sister at one point. Never heard of this committee, is this because of your neice's age???

Try posting on fertilityfriends.co.uk - there are a lot of donor ladies on there maybe someone will have more information??

You could also try another clinic, or try outside Scotland if the rules are different there - maybe bring your neice to you instead, would make it easier for you to co-ordinate..

hope that helps a bit

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