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What's it like? Questions about egg donation treatment.

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What's it like? Questions about egg donation treatment.

Postby KeriT » Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:08 am

Having finally found where to donate - and having just had the defiinate acceptance, I'm now looking for some feedback on the process itself. There are only two places that ofer this treatment in Scotland, and no way of getting in touch with previous donors fro their thoughts.

I would really appreciate it if previous egg donors could get in touch and give me an indication of what it's all like - the hornmones, the procedure, the lot! It's all very well the hospital staff saying this and that, but they've never done it!

Please be assured that this won't sway my decision either way - I've already made up my mind. I woudl just like an idea of what to expect!

All thoughts gratefuly received.

Many Thanks

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Postby Leanne » Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:09 pm

Hi Keri.

Sorry it is now April and you put your msg in March. I don't read this forum that often.

I have done egg sharing twice, which is where I go through the full IVF cycle formyself and on egg collection I give half my eggs to another couple.

I am not sure what your process is, are you giving somebody your eggs? Sharing your eggs or are you receiving somebodies eggs?

I am more that happy to pm you my personal experience of egg sharing if it will help and I will answer any questions you may have ( if I know the answer). I will tell you what we had to do, counselling, legal issues etc. However, the only thing i would have to say is, as you know Scotland often have different laws to England, I am not sure how they compare for egg sharing.

Let me know if I can help before I blabber on :wink:
Best of luck Leanne x
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