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Egg donor tmt second time

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Egg donor tmt second time

Postby AMck » Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:14 am

Has anyone had a failed donor egg cycle and then gone on to a positive result second time round?

Am on 2ww and slowly going crazy. Any positive experiences would be gratefully recieved!

Anna x
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ED tmt at IM June 06 BFN
ED tmt at IM July 06 BFP
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Postby sarahlouise » Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:25 pm

I failed an egg donor treatment in 2003. My cousin donated for me (in Canada-). We and my husband (and cousin too)were so hopeful but neither of the 2 embryos transfered survived. (I am now 40)I was quite devastated and thought there was not much hope as in France there are so many restrictive laws for a donation to be successful and in England it was so expensive (we live in France). We decided to expand all our possibilities. We contacted the two clinics in Spain - and had an appointment with one of them. We got onto two the waiting list of the two hospitals in france who provide donors. But waiting list between 5 and 7 years. We contacted a hospital in Belgium who provide donors - the wait is one year and is relatively inexpensive (cheaper than Spain). We were told at first RV if we provided a donor to put into donor pool we would get 4 tries with 4 different donors. We were sure we couldnt find a donor but a friend of mine amazingly offered to help. The medical team were really friendly and so was the doctor who I could contact quite easily. We were contacted shortly after with a donor. and it worked the first time and I now have 8 month old twins - a girl and a boy!! and to think I was going to give up after the failed try in canada.
The fact that in Belgium we had four tries and that the team was friendly etc and the doctor was contactable, lowered the stress which of course was a positive factor for success. I hope I have helped you. If youhave any questions just ask.
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