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low temperature during cycle - please advice

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low temperature during cycle - please advice

Postby Katarin1977 » Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:03 pm

I am here for the first time. We are trying to have a baby for more than one year. Two days ago I had USG - when it turned out that I have problem with ovulation....there was only small eggs released by ovary (sorry for my english language..:). Last month I have checked level of hormons - it was OK.
My dr plans to give me Clomid...
I am not sure ahould I take it - he don't want to do any other testings...

Can Clomide help me to cause ovulation - if there is not hormon level problem???

One thing is interesting - every month I monitor temperature - my chart is "strange" , because normally I have temperature of body 36,3 and before "ovulation" (which is not "owulation as it turned out...) it is 36,5. This temperature continues until the end of cycle (sometimes 36,6, but this is maximum...).
Do you have similar chart? How to connect it with no ovulation problem?

With best regards
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