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my doc is giving me the run around

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my doc is giving me the run around

Postby giazma » Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:13 pm

Hi I am new here , TTC for 1 year,,,,have 2 kids an eight year old and a 21month old, so i KNOW i work somehow. i have done 4 rounds of clomid with no success as well as failied IUI. I am now on cd5...on cd3 WEdnesday my progestrone was 1 nd my estrogen was 184!! it is supposed to be around 50 on day 3.....Today I went and my progest is 1 still but my estro shot up to 400! My doc doesnt knw if it is a cyst or early ovulation. Any ideas.....I really want to try follitism next, does anyone know the risks/success with that? I am 25 so the ovarian reserve is there for ALOT of folly's then i would have to sit out, i know that much. But are there any one out there that had lots of eggs and only had twins? I wouldl love twins....Trips not so much

thanks giazma
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