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cant figure out how to delte post

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cant figure out how to delte post

Postby RachelX » Sun Dec 24, 2006 3:35 am

nothing to say sorry
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Postby Cori » Wed Dec 27, 2006 1:38 pm

Hi Rachel!
I understand how frustrating this time can be. You are not alone at felling upset and like everyone else is getting pregnant but you. I have felt that way for 21 months.
I had an ectopic pregnancy 2 march's ago and since then, it had been a waiting game. Tests, surgeries, medications, etc.
At this point, it is probably to early for IVF but it is also a very individual experience. It depends on your age, your partner's fertility, whether you have open tubes, endometriosis,etc.
Since you have been trying for 13 months you are now determined to be infertile (I'm sorry, I hate to use that term) so now is when your doctor will start to test you. They may try you on Clomid. You also may have a hysterosalpingogram where they shoot dye through your tubes to see if they are open. I also believe that they usually try Intruterine insemination before they recommend IVF. You also may be recommended to have a laporoscopy which is a surgery where they go in through your belly button and again examine your tubes and uterus and check for adhesions, endometriosis, uterine abnormalities. I have been through all of these things so, if I can help you with any question, I will try my hardest.
I am sorry that you have to go through this but hope that things will turn out for the best.
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Postby sassynlv » Sat Dec 30, 2006 4:16 pm

You have come to the right place! The women here truly understand and have had the same feelings you are having. It can be very difficult when it seems like EVERYONE around you is getting preg at the drop of a hat!!

We tried for over 2 yrs before doing IF workups (people just kept telling us we weren't trying hard enough...little did they know :wink: ). dh has severe MF (male factor) and although there was some improvement w/subsequent tests... it was clear that IVF was the only way for us to get preg. clomid and IUI will only work if there is a decent sperm count. Depending on how low your dh sperm count is, and how morphologically nl the sperm are, you may or may not be going directly to IVF like we did. Once all your testing is done, your RE (i'm assuming that you are already seeing a RE...) will be sitting down w/you to discuss your options.

anyway, i am hoping the rest of your testing goes well....and that dh's count improves. Good luck to you, and keep us posted!!!
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Postby Melissa112 » Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:05 am

Hey Rachel!

You have definately come to the right place, my hubby and I have been trying for over 10 years, and finally just started with some Infertility treatments, and it is SO hard for everyone to just keep saying it'll happen for you when it's meant to be - I have gotten to the point, where I just want to beat them up for saying that... my sister had twins, I am getting a birth announcement a week from my friends and the last one I ripped it into like 37 pieces and then stuck each piece in the shredder... yeah, that was my extreme piss'ed offedness. :evil:

So don't worry we are here for you! You might want to go to a Infertility Clinic and talk to a doctor - there are alot of options that aren't IVF... so maybe there might be something out there for you.

We are all in the same boat, so rant away!!

With love,

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Postby Michellyn8 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:37 pm

Hi Rachel,

I don't know how low your DH's count is but if it is very low IVF is your only option. My DH has a very low count and because of that we have to do IVF with ICSI....the ER told us quite simply that it would be the only chance of pregnancy. I have heard that if it is less than 10 million they don't recommend an IUI...only IVF. I think it is great that you are being so proactive about it. Treating infertility sometimes takes a long time so getting started now is really smart since it sometimes takes longer than we would hope for. We have only been trying for about a little over a year and it drives me crazy when people make insensitive comments (not here on this website) that we have not been trying that long and to give it time or the ever popular "why the rush"?. We might not have been trying for 10 years but that does not change the fact that we can't get pregnant naturally. Also since we just had our 2 year anniversary people don't know there is problem yet so they constantly ask when we are going to have kids. And the worst is the people who are pregnant or just had a kid that say hurry up and have one so they can play together. It is hard not to be jealous and to feel like it isn't fair. I think it helps to talk to people that are going through this. You are not alone in how you are feeling. If there are any questions I can answer just let me know. Good luck!

Take care,

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Postby ptfmb71 » Fri Aug 03, 2007 3:51 am

Hi Rachel,

My wife and I started trying in 2003/2004 and the docs just kept saying keep trying. We were a bit frustrated and finally decided to seek fertility treatments. I agree with a post above. If a low SC from your DH is the factor then ICSI may be the only way. Your doc should be able to guide you through the entire process.

I understand how you feel. We felt like it we were getting passed up. We are your ages also and everyone was getting preg but us. It seems like you are on the right track. Hang in there as it get's frustrating but when it works you will not change a thing.

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