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Male infertility... tips for apropriate support

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Male infertility... tips for apropriate support

Postby PMApsy » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:40 pm

Hi guys!

I'm still a little bit in shock... my best friend of 15 years tried to become pregnant for the last 15 months or so... since she stopped the pill, she had been having these really crazy 45 days long cycles and she suspected she did not ovulate. All blood work and u/s came back normal. This Monday, she had her first apt in a fertility clinic. The following day, her DH had the classic: a spermogram. Yesterday, the embryologist called them, and they received a huge shock.

His count was barely 0.1... one needs around 20-30 million to be normal, but, even boosted with meds, the embryologist said that he would barely reach 5000... :shock: moreover, the sperm that was there was completely motionless. He'll see a urologist today.

Needless to say, my friend was devastated yesterday, and so was her husband. He went through the classics... said he feared my friend would break up with him because she wants kids, feared that there was something even more wrong with him, and so on. However, she cheered up when I talked about other possibilities, such as using donor sperm. Her DH, however... he accepted to consider the idea, but obviously he's still in shock to know that he is sterile and he has trouble accepting the idea that someone else's sperm might get his wife pregnant.

I know some of you went through the same thing with your DHs... my friend would really like advice about this. I'll forward her your comments. Thanks a lot! :)

Sophie xxox
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Postby riogirl71 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:37 pm

we had low count and morphology issues, we went through our 1st IVF and did ICSI (a must for low count), I stimmed for 9 days, had 10 follies, 4 of which were mature enough for ICSI, 4 fertilized and we got 1- 10cell, 2- 8 cell, 1- 5 cell embies. All good or excellent quality. We transfered all 4 and got a BFP (positive) on 2/2. THere is hope and lots of options out there! It is not easy, but certainly worth it!
Good Luck!
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Postby gori » Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:43 pm

Hi, same here. We have male fertility issues. We were told from the beginning IVF-ICSI is the best choice. Even if your friend's hubby has a few sperms, it might work. One sperm is all it takes for ICSI. I am surprised she has not been offered that option yet from the specialists.
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