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Estradiol & FSH levels

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Estradiol & FSH levels

Postby kcjohnson57 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:22 pm

Last month my day 3 bloodwork came back with normal (4.5) FSH but elevated estradiol (around 100). I was told that despite my FSH # being good, the fact that the estradiol was high could be (was?) a problem because the estradiol is pushing down the FSH, leading them to think it's ok when it's really not. Day 10 FSH was 4.
This month both FSH and estradiol came back totally normal (5.5, 45).
Here is my question: in light of this, does that first high estradiol level mean anything? Seeing as my FSH was fine when the estradiol was normal mean all is well? Or could the one high estradiol still suggest a problem? Has anyone else experienced this ?
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Postby ivfnurse » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:27 pm

Did they do an ultrasound with the day 3's? If you had a left over follicle/cyst from the previous cycle, it could still be secreting estradiol hormones.
I am an infertility nurse and I work in a major IVF facility. I am willing to answer questions and give guidance, however, since I am not treating you, only your physician can give you the most accurate information.
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