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best way to chart ovaluation?

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best way to chart ovaluation?

Postby mistorrie » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:05 pm

:roll: :? :( :cry: :x Totally confused!

I know I should know all about my own body and when I should produce a cycle/period/ovaluate but am so confused.

I have very irregular cycles, in fact not had one since Christmas until today, when I've started to spot.

I really need to track every spot, bleed and ovaluation but how is it done more easily? Anyone been using a chart and if so.. can you help me?

I was told from a scan that I had on the 12 May, that I started to ovaluate on the 11th May and should be actively making love until 15th May. Unfortunately I've been spotting today which I guess means I am not pregnant.

ovaluation occurs 2 weeks before next period is due (obviously this would help if I got them on a monthly basis and regular). so if I had a 28 day cycle ovulation would occur around day 14.... Right????

But seeing as I don't have them regular I am totally confused!!?!? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Thanks x
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