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Postby Acapulco » Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:57 am

Hello my fellow IVFer's out there...

My DH has had a vasectomy reversal and as a result has been diagnosed with oligospermia (low sperm counts). We have done 2 fresh IVF w/ICSI cycles (the 1st was a BFN and the 2nd was a BFP but ended in M/C at 11 weeks. When I went in for my 6 week U/S, there wasn't a heartbeat, measured 2 weeks small and appeared abnormal. An U/S was performed again at 8 weeks and nothing changed. I went through a natural M/C by going off prenatal vitamin and progesterone at 11 weeks (miserable and PAINFUL experience).

Has any of your DH's used Clomid for low sperm counts and had any benefits? He's on 50mg every other day. Along with natural vitamins (NOT HERBS) to promote the maturation of healthy sperm:

Multivitamin with minerals
Selenium - 200 mcg.
Vitamin B Complex
CoQ10 - 60 mg.
Vitamin E - d-alpha (natural) - 400 I.U. - TWICE DAILY (800 I.U. total)
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL - 1000 mg.
Vitamin C - 500 mg. - TWICE DAILY (1000 mg. total)
Lycopene - 15 mg.
Zinc - 50 mg.
Omega-3 Natural Fish Body Oils

I just wanted to know if any other IVF-er's DH has found success with CLOMID especially.

I'm SO FRUSTRATED!!! It's hard going through this knowing that my doc has told me that I'm healthy w/o any fertility issues and yet I have to go through this. I love my DH dearly and I'm willing to do this but as you all know, it's an emotional rollercoaster!!!! UGH!!!!!! Sometimes I just want to SCREAM :evil:

Thank you for letting me vent, hopefully we will ALL overcome this together!


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At 6 wks sac was empty, 8 wks nothing changed. Went off Endometrin, prenatal & baby asp. At 11 wks had natural, HORRIBLE M/C

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