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Saplingitis need advice

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Saplingitis need advice

Postby hnolan » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:46 am

hi i need help 2 years ago i was diagnosed with extensive saplingitis and i cant get pregnant does anyone have experience with this ? is there any medication for it my doctor told me to do ivf but i cant afford it right now and i wanted to know anyones stories or if there is medication you can take to get rid of it?
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Postby Kas101 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:08 am


I was also diagnosed with the same thing and i think its an individual recommendation based on your exact results so only an expert can advise you but....

My doctor said my left side was really bad and the tube needed to come out as it would prevent me from getting pregnant by leaking into the uterus and preventing embryos from growing and surviving. At that time he said the right side was probably ok because he couldnt see it on the ultrasound but he would check it when i had sugery to remove the left tube.
It turned out that the right tube was also damaged (worse than the left) and he hadn't been able to see it as it was so badly twisted behind my bowel. SO to cut a long story short he removed both tubes and therefore the only way to get preg was thru IVF. As long as you keep one or both ovaries you are good.

What he told me was that when you have these kind of hydrosalpinx tubes, any fertilised egg does not make it along the tubes and into the uterus, and in fact you could be more at risk of an ectopic.

Seriously, though, this was MY experiece and i have learnt from these boards that everyones situation varies dramatically as does the advice from different doctors, so my advice is get a second opinion and then decide what you have to do for the future.

IVF is expensive and my insurance does not cover it (same for lots of us) so its meant sacrifices and if i need to do it again it will mean debt so we all know what you are going through,

Hope other people have more advice for you and good luck XXX
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