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Update on the world's most infertile woman!

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Update on the world's most infertile woman!

Postby Fluffypuppygal » Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:16 am

Hi all!
Okay, so we went to see our doctor for our day 10 ultrasound. (DH came with me!) :wink:
Well, the news - Still not enough mature follicles in the ovary to make the doctor stand up, cheer and call me a slam-dunk, but there ARE FOLLICLES (4-5), and Dr C. says that while I am not responding so well as to make him transfer me this weeked (as originally scheduled) I am responding enough for him to consider giving me a few more days to do shots and try to mature a few more follicles before we make the decision to pull the plug on it all. Sunday is now the day of reckoning...

I have to look at it this way, transferred eggs are like raffle tickets. While more raffle tickets increase your odds of winning, it doesn't mean that someone with only one raffle ticket can't also win, right?

So we continue on for a few more days... My stomach is bloated, bruised, and I feel like I'm walking like Humpty Dumpty (God help the women with 10 eggs! That must feel miserable!), but I figure if this is what it takes, I will do it.

Thank you all for being there for me!
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Postby toxotis » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:26 pm

Hi, just wanted to say good luck from a newbie here!!! I,m the women that had the 12 eggs!! :wink: (but failed ivf). Ihave severe endo,tubes removed ,3 laps and just about every othe scan xray surgery prob that you can think of!! Had 3 treatment of Arvekap which brings on all symptoms of menopause !!! Currently on my 3rd lot(for 2 months),trying to clear another prob that we think is making me reject the ivf....... Ivf is a very very difficult thing to go thru and unless you,ve gone thru it yourself i dont think people really understand how hard it is.Thats why its great to speak to other people who understand you... and that we,re not the only crazy people out there !! My last ivf they retrieved only 3 eggs,which was very dissapointing after the first time.But like you say "its like buying a raffle ticket,you only need one to win!!
Dont give up hope, my friend tried for 10 years,3 diff docs this year she has a healthy baby girl on her last attempt....
best wishes
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hey Fluffypuppygal

Postby gina1234 » Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:38 pm

i just wanted to say good luck to u...& also ask u....when u do your shots do u do them only in your stomach?, because depending on what shot u are on i thought that you can also do some of the shots on your upper thigh....thats what i would do i would do the fsh shot everyday i would go for left to right on the stomach & then left to right on the thigh & i didnt get bruising at all the only bruise i got was for the progestone shot.....that all for now g2g back to work

gina : )
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