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Postby HELPME » Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:52 am

[i]I am new here, and am looking for some helpful advice. I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance. I have tried Clomid and it did not work. The doctor is now having me try FEMARA. Has anyone tried this pill? It is actually for Breast cancer, but is showing some result when being used for infertility. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :? [/i]
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Postby HELPME » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:06 pm

Is no one able to help me on this???? No one has been on Femera?
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Postby gina1234 » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:41 pm

well first off welcome to the board...second i have never been on the med before, but what u should do is post it in the ivf forumn & ask for help for ghost or the ivf nurse...i hope that this helped...big hugs to u & i am sending you alot of baby dust...chat with u soon :D
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Postby jenn » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:26 am

Hey~ Clomid did not work for me either and the Dr. put me on femara. This was years ago and I have not heard much about it since. I didn't think they used it anymore. Anyway, it worked for me as far as ovulation. We used it for IUI's but eventually had to move to IVF to get pregnant. I don't think the FDA has approved this medication for infertility b/c I think there have been reports of birth defects when women have taken this- but that was while pregnant. I don't think you would be taking it then. But it is something to think about. I didn't get the feeling they knew too much about it when I was taking it. I only took it 2 months and then decided to move on. Hope this helps...


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Thank you

Postby HELPME » Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:51 pm

Thank you both for your help. I will take your advice. :)
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Postby amyslappe » Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:58 am

I am also new here and I also have PCOS and am using Femara. I just did my 2nd IUI and it was not successful. My husband's sperm counts are very inconsistent so that does not help our situation. I have not had any side effects with this medication. I am not sure what the success rate of femara. If you have any idea, let me know :)
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Postby TwinMommy » Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:06 pm

Hey there! I have PCOS and did clomid and it did nothing as well. They put me on metformin as well...they suggested Femara but I thought that was such an odd idea and since my insurance paid for IVF we went ahead with that instead. It is not FDA approved for infertility yet btw.

I am glad we went to IVF though because when I cycled, I had the hardest time getting my eggs big enough so I am sure the Femara would not have done anything anyways.
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Femara and unexplained infertility

Postby jstrandlund » Mon May 04, 2009 7:57 pm

Hey I just seen your post and thought my story may be helpful to you. Okay to make a long story short we have done everything from Chlomid to IVF and none were successful. After hearing about Femara I decided to talk with my doctor and give it a shot. A long shot but a shot none the less. I just found out today that it worked!! I did a step up protocol of one pill on day four, two on day five, three on day six and four on day seven. We did not trigger ovulation or IUI. We simply used Ov test strips, BBt charting and schedule intercourse. I still am in shock that this worked and I am preggo. It is nothing short of amazing. Also I did not experience any of the icky side effects with Femara like I did with Chlomid.
Good luck to you!!


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