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Uterine Tuberculosis

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Uterine Tuberculosis

Postby want2bmom » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:35 pm

Hi Everybody!
Had discovered this site during my second IVF. But could not keep up regularly. However, i do keep peeping in sometimes when i need inspiration and motivation. I have found to be the best forum.
Well let me re-introduce myself. I am from India.
Married for 12 years
Diagnosis-DH has low sperm count; I myself am overweight with hypothyroidism and PCOD.
TTC-10 years
IUI-12 times or more, lost count.
IVF-4 Times, 3rd time had BFP but miscarried on 2nd month. All others BFN.
After the 3rd IVF doctor said maybe my body was rejecting my DH's sperms as i had extra killer cells in my blood. Underwent treatment for that and brought down the number of killer cells.
Still IVF failed.
My last IVF result came today and it was a heartless BFN.
And now my Gyn advised me to undergo treatment for Uterine TB.
Did some research and found that it seems to happen in most Unexplained infertility and repeated IVF failure cases.
Have anyone any information or experience regarding this issue?
Please help.
lots of luck everybody
me:35; DH: 49
married for:11 yrs; TTC: 9 yrs
PCOS, overweight, hyperthyroid + male factor
12 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs.
3rd IVF:4 grade 1, 8 celled embies and 2 grade 2, 8 celled embies-BFP, m/c 4th week; 4th IVF Nov/Dec
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Re: Uterine Tuberculosis

Postby jocelina » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:40 am

What type of medicines should i take to fight the tuberculosis? ok. i think i have an active tuberculosis. i'm not sure but i did a research on the web and found out the symptoms and it matches what i have. i have this cough for more than a month and the mucus is thick and cloudy and more other things. i know i should go to the doctor and see what's going and get medicines there but if there is a medicine out there on drug stores that can fight the tuberculosis, please let me know as soon as possible. what do you guys recommend me ?
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